In examining world cultures, Taisie Berkeley has documented societal divisions of class and wealth in the United States for two decades. Berkeley spotlights growing inequality between the rich and poor, from elite debutante balls to homelessness.

In 2007, Berkeley documented women in poverty in Ethiopia – in Addis Ababa and Lake Langano. She also interviewed and photographed sex workers and homeless teen victims of sexual violence in Addis Ababa.

In 2003, Berkeley won a professional grant to photograph in Havana, Cuba. There she documented Cubans’ daily life amidst relentless poverty under Fidel Castro’s rule.

That same year, Berkeley photographed in Guangdong Province in Southern China,. There she documented workers’ daily lives in China’s richest province, where centuries-old customs meld with contemporary western influences.

For another Washingtonian magazine feature story, Berkeley created a photographic essay on seniors who volunteer to help others. For a Washingtonian cover article, Berkeley chronicled the lives of children raised by nannies in “Who is My Mother?”